Raleigh’s Untold Tales Electric Trikke Tour

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About Our Tour

The theme of this tour focuses on the untold, true tales of our Capital City! The sordid past of Raleigh is full of scandal and intrigue, and heroes and villains, including some bizarre deaths and a couple of ghost stories. Starting with the city’s namesake in the earliest days to 20th-century politics, this tour reveals the other side of Raleigh that you won’t find in guidebooks!

Highlights of the Raleigh’s Untold Tales tour:
• Crime and Punishment: Barbaric 18th- and 19th-century public brandings and hangings, and punishment at the dreaded pillory.
• Scandals: Politicians fist-fighting inside the Capitol; Raleigh’s first state treasurer and the mountain of missing state funds.
• A Most Unusual Duel: Raleigh’s one and only known duel turned out a lot different than you’d think!

About Electric Trikkes (pronounced Tr-EYE-k)

The Trikke LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) is the most user-friendly electric personal mobility device available today. Its 3-wheel cambering (leaning) design corners superbly and is incredibly maneuverable, offering an active, sporty and fun riding experience, and unrivaled stability and safety. With steering that’s just like a bike’s and intuitive handlebar controls for braking and throttle, most riders are cruising comfortably within minutes. All our routes have been enhanced to take advantage of the unique abilities of the Trikke LEV.

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Minimum rider age is 14 years old. Those who are 14-17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the tour and their liability waiver signed by a parent. All riders must weigh no more than 260 pounds, be in good health, and be able to steer and use handbrakes like a bicycle. For safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to participate. The tour duration is approximate and it includes an equipment orientation and training. CLOSED-TOE ATHLETIC SHOES STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.


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