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Our Guides

Meet the Team

Todd "The Big Kahuna"

Todd wears many hats and is affectionally called “The Big Kahuna.” You may see him leading a Trikke tour, or a walking tour, or doing some behind-the-scenes work for the company. Todd hails from California, where he spent many years as a travel photographer for AAA. He remains active in photography and videography as the president of Tourify360. He’s also an FAA-certified drone pilot!

Evan "The Big E"

Evan (aka “The Big E”), is a North Carolina native and has been a Carolina Touring Company guide since 2013. A graduate of Elon University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his academic background connects directly with his tours. He loves sharing the rich history of Raleigh and North Carolina with guests, hoping that visitors and locals alike learn more about the Tar Heel State. A country boy in the big city, when he’s not giving Trikke tours on the weekends, he is working to preserve family farms throughout our great state.

Mimi "The Hammer"

Mimi, “The Hammer,” grew up in the heart of the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania farmland. She moved to Raleigh 13 years ago to join family living in the area and for the warm weather and “Carolina Blue” skies. A lifelong outdoor enthusiast and a retired counselor, she joined our guide staff in 2013 in search of an exciting and interesting job that included the opportunity to be outdoors and experience her new hometown with locals and “far-flung” visitors… and we’re sure glad she did.


A Charlotte, North Carolina native, and long-time Raleigh local, Baxter loves sharing the city with visitors and residents alike. A graduate of NC State University with a B.A. in History, his passion for our local history and his terrible jokes are brought to life on his tours which are described as “not average”. When he is not working, he says he can be found eating and drinking his way through the diverse food scene in Raleigh, watching the Wolfpack attempt to win, swimming laps in the pool, or sleeping in front of a TV.


A native of Tennessee, Winn has lived in Raleigh for three years. When he’s not leading Trikke tour guests around downtown, he spends his free time rock climbing, paddle boarding, and playing any outdoor sports. He’s currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Public Administration at NC State University, where his research focuses on budgeting, municipal governance and education policy. Winn’s motto is “failure is not, not achieving your goal… it is having no goal to achieve.” So set a goal to come have some fun!

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