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Downtown Discovery Electric Trikke Tour

Quick Details

Duration: Two hours

Location: Warehouse, Fayetteville Street, Capital, Oakwood Districts

Minimum Age: 14+

Standard Rate

Discover Downtown by Trikke

Discover new views of an old city as you explore downtown Raleigh on this memorable sightseeing adventure. The narrated electric Trikke journey travels through the iconic red brick Warehouse District and also features Fayetteville Street (Raleigh’s Main St.), the spectacular Shimmer Wall, and the historic Capitol grounds, among other cool city landmarks.

Highlights of the Downtown Discovery Tour

  • Shimmer Wall: On the west side of the Raleigh Convention Center, more than 79,000 aluminum squares create a spectacular outdoor wall feature, depicting an image of an oak tree, which changes with the blowing wind. It was created by the artist Thomas Sayre, and finished in 2009.
  • Warehouse District: In the 1850s, this was the home of brickyards, an iron foundry, and other factories. Now the revitalized red brick dwellings house trendy shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries, and more.
  • North Carolina State Capitol: The 19th-century beauty is steeped in history and has been restored to its 1840-1865 appearance.
  • And the site of Raleigh’s original Governor’s Palace!

About Electric Trikkes (pronounced Tr-EYE-k)

The Trikke LEV (light electric vehicle) is the most user-friendly electric personal mobility device available. Its three-wheel cambering (leaning) design is incredibly maneuverable and takes turns easily, offering an active, sporty, and fun riding experience with unrivaled stability and safety. The steering is like a bike’s, and with intuitive handlebar controls for braking and throttle, most riders are cruising comfortably within minutes. All our routes have been selected to take advantage of the unique abilities of the Trikke LEV.

Riders must be at least 14 years old. Those who are 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult on the tour and have their liability waiver signed by a parent. All riders must weigh no more than 260 pounds and be in good health for an active, outdoor activity. For safety reasons, pregnant women are not permitted to participate. The tour duration is approximate, and the time includes an equipment orientation and training. Closed-toe athletic shoes are highly recommended.